About Us

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MACHINE ERMAK, which started operations in 1988, Sewing Machines, Fully Automatic Paper Cutting, Tube Cutting, Plastic Folding Ferfore, Edge Control Winding, Transfer Machines Continues To Become A Leader In Photocell.

Our vision

Our first job with our quality, stable price policy and deliver on time to our jobs and our life and business by enriching our contributions, the acclaimed ascend to the position of leader in our industry, collaboration has proved our credibility in accredited people and organisations that we work in, as the firm has always preferred to be approved by everyone, which is why we're a firm steady rise of quality and by developing our values, we maintain the distinction of being the leading name in the sewing machine industry in the future will be our largest vision.

Our mission

Trained expert workforce, serious approach to business, and 19-year preferred with experience as a company committed to our customers our policy at the time of delivery and our price is stable and knows the value of efficiently using our natural resources in the future by fulfilling our social responsibilities we are committed to adding value to our state.

In our machines in our country and abroad, we contribute to the country's economy, the understanding of business competence and R & D activities in the sector with innovations, we follow the selection of the supplier in respect of quality, the perfection of machinery in the production and implementation of a systematic approach to demonstrate the understanding of the standard requirements. Follow domestic and international fairs, and participation we provide